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Online Marketing
Mentevisual develops and creates campaigns to promote products and services of your business, implementing systems with business plans and strategies to measure the return on investment, profits, brand recognition and consumer loyalty to its Web site.

We take care of promoting the products of our customers through campaigns and possessions in the first place in the market you are targeting.

Dynamism, creativity and vision complement the best in each of the strategies we implement to strengthen the image of our clients.
Search Engine Positioning
Email marketing (sending mails to customers and prospects, with their news, products and services)
Location of Banners simple, high impact, high traffic websites
Google Adsense
Google Adwords
Pay per click campaigns
Viral marketing for referrals
Search Engines
Recent studies confirm that 75 to 82% of web users use a search engine or search directories to find content relevant to their needs, so marketing campaigns on the Internet are necessary tools to attract users and make them consumers of the products or services you promote on the Internet.

If your company is well positioned with one or more potential keywords, your prospect that the need for your product or service is not found within the search engines, keywords are potential terms for your business is found as the best option, and to acquire a high conversion rate within your Web site, for example if your website has 100 visitors a day, of which 10 of those users log in requesting your services or buy your products, you have the time a conversion rate of 10%.

Mentevisual a study of words and phrases that are potential for your business, this analysis is a key component to develop a successful campaign in the short and long term.

Keyword Research your company's potential to position the site within search engines in the top positions, this is called natural listings by optimizing the source code, this season can last from 6 months to 1 year without maintenance one.
Through this process, we identify the appropriate keywords to ensure that your target market will find it as the best option when performing a search on the Internet.

We develop campaigns PPC (Pay per click), which is administered, is segmented by country, region by region and by language keywords necessary for your business and reach the desired user faster. This type of campaign is very effective, high traffic and takes less time, according to the amount of monetary investment by keyword to be performed.

We follow global standards to find the keywords or keywords that your company needs, by:
The marketing campaign search engine will be reflected in:
Increase Web Site Traffic by 60% to 150%.
Being as 1st and best option before competition.
Increased conversion rate.
Campaigns to reduce costs in alternatives, such as fences, pautaje in newspapers, magazines. and so on.
Dominate much of the market as a line.
Usability Design
The design of the building site from the navigation and structure is fundamental to quickly enter into search engines, Mentevisual create applications and Web sites based on a thorough analysis to be easily accessible to anyone in the world .
Content Optimization
Mentevisual advises its clients in creating textual content so that is 100% clear, attractive, promotional and pass to the user is interested in doing some kind of positive action toward the product or service offered.
Competitive Analysis
An analysis is made for information on how you are doing compared to their competition and develops an action plan to implement the positioning of your company and define the time of his campaign.
Source Code Optimization
Mentevisual source optimizes your website for better performance when your user enters the site and download it easily accessible in the databases of any engine or directory search.
Link Popularity
Mentevisual an analysis of the sites are high traffic and relevance in order to get direct links that are helpful for you if you need information alternately.

This process develops the user loyalty as the tendency is to return to a site that can provide all the necessary information and referrals to also display additional information.
Periodic analysis
Mentevisual provides customers reporting and analysis of Web site performance in them are, amount of traffic weekly, monthly, ROI analysis, recommendations for alternate campaigns run, and so on.
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January 22th/ 2015
Facebook Closes in on 1 Billion Mobile Users Worldwide
Nearly three-quarters of Facebook's ad revenues will come from mobile this year
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January 22th/ 2015
Holiday Ecommerce Sales Topped $100 Billion
Cyber Monday still owns holiday desktop sales
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January 22th/ 2015
Colombia Set to Reach 28.6 Million Internet Users in 2015
There will be 31.3 million web users in 2018
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January 22th/ 2015
Charlie Hebdo: 'Islamist cyber attacks' hit France
Numerous French media websites have gone down a day after warnings of a wave of Islamist cyber attacks.
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