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The "gamification" or "gamification" is a concept that has been gaining strength in the marketing world, and consists of applying gaming techniques to different areas or activities that people do in their daily lives.

The goal of gamification is to motivate and increase customer loyalty through challenges, achievements, rewards and points obtained in different challenges. This trend has become one of the best strategies of engagement for companies.

But how gamification can benefit your brand? This trend will allow you to engage your users through creating games with stories bringing increased traffic to your website, generate knowledge and positioning of your brand, make your user loyalty through innovation, learning more about preferences of your customers without resorting to boring surveys, give your customers the option to comment and make suggestions about the product or service fully playful world, and ultimately generate revenue through the information you can get to get the your customer interaction with these platforms.

In short the gamification offers customers a more relaxed and fun through different experiences that live as becomes the obligations of daily life in a game, achieving a closer relationship to potentiate customer-brand loyalty.

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January 22th/ 2015
Facebook Closes in on 1 Billion Mobile Users Worldwide
Nearly three-quarters of Facebook's ad revenues will come from mobile this year
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January 22th/ 2015
Holiday Ecommerce Sales Topped $100 Billion
Cyber Monday still owns holiday desktop sales
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January 22th/ 2015
Colombia Set to Reach 28.6 Million Internet Users in 2015
There will be 31.3 million web users in 2018
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January 22th/ 2015
Charlie Hebdo: 'Islamist cyber attacks' hit France
Numerous French media websites have gone down a day after warnings of a wave of Islamist cyber attacks.
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