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What is Domain?
If you have a website but do not own a domain name, the type, you should seriously consider registering a domain name. As has been said ad nauseum, a domain name is your brand on the Internet, so that others will recognize you and remember you.

The best thing would be to consider the registration of the domain from the first moment, when you do a web plan, objectives, what is being treated, the money you have, and so on. But if you have ever made and you may consider this possibility later.
The importance of having a domain name  
If you have a business or intend to have a serious website, own domain will give you credibility and a sense of stability. Free pages, type may be fine if you're not serious, but to develop a web site or a business major is very convenient to use a domain name itself.

If you choose a domain name that reflects well the objectives of your website and that is easy, your visitors will remember it more easily and may return if they need what you offer.
If you change your hosting, you will not have to modify any of the code of your website. Most offer free domains the companies that provide free web space, so if after a while you're not happy with this hosting, switching to another company will have to change web address. This is very bad for SEO natural listings, since it means a fresh start in promoting domain, start to move up again, get links, etc..

If you hired a web hosting service for your page, the domain name seems to be the next step. You know the importance of having a good hosting, there is no advertising that you have not contracted out, no annoying popups, quick to load and great performance. All this improves the user experience, gives credibility and certainty. A domain name reinforces the credibility of users in what you offer.
This tutorial ebook on
INTERNET DOMAINS - will educate you on the broad topic of domain names on the internet and how they work until today. You can download it as a contribution to your growth in the web.
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What is hosting?  
The hosting or web hosting is an essential system for the operation of websites. To understand this, it is best compared to an apartment building. A hosting company is the building, and hosting plans are the departments. When someone hires a hosting plan, it's like renting an apartment over their services. So, in an apartment there is a physical space but other than that electricity, water supply, etc.. When hiring a hosting plan accounts with the accommodation space email services, FTP access, ability to use databases, etc..
And, fundamentally, a department can use the space to place your furniture or putting together everything you need for your company and use it to get your visitors or customers. In a hosting plan you can make an upload of all files of the design of your personal website or your company, running systems and services that enable you to communicate with your visitors and customers around the clock, 365 days a year. Also important is the performance of hosted email and you can have a private mail and free. The hosting should always have good transfer rates for files, emails, data is processed to high performance.
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January 22th/ 2015
Facebook Closes in on 1 Billion Mobile Users Worldwide
Nearly three-quarters of Facebook's ad revenues will come from mobile this year
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January 22th/ 2015
Holiday Ecommerce Sales Topped $100 Billion
Cyber Monday still owns holiday desktop sales
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January 22th/ 2015
Colombia Set to Reach 28.6 Million Internet Users in 2015
There will be 31.3 million web users in 2018
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January 22th/ 2015
Charlie Hebdo: 'Islamist cyber attacks' hit France
Numerous French media websites have gone down a day after warnings of a wave of Islamist cyber attacks.
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