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Social Business CRM
What are some of the measures you have taken to form a good relationship with your social network client?
If you have kept proper monitoring of conversations around social media for business, which undoubtedly has found people talking Social CRM. If you're like me, the first time I heard it, you probably opened his eyes and said, "Ugh, another buzzword in the media," And while I disagree with their own jargon (and discuss this below), Social CRM is a central concept that companies must understand and be fully integrated in-depth, in order to serve the social networking client.
Who is the client of Social Networks?
The social customer consumes information differently, and learn about the latest news through Twitter and Facebook, on behalf of its network comprising emerging as other important information.

The social customer learns new products and brands through social channels and rely on your social network to offer their honest opinion about it, instead of a brand's advertising message one way.

The social customer is smart, does not allow unsolicited SPAM in social networks or excessively promotional tweets, but is open to relevant information that meets their needs at that time.

The customer expects social brands and assets that are present in the same social places where it is transmitted, listening to their opinions, either negative or positive.

The client expects that you are committed to serving society, not just when it coincides with an explosion of email or new feature release, but rather when it is needed. And you'd better respond rapidly in real time, so it will move to a competitor, or tell their friends about their bad experiences.

Because the social customer, you can talk with a brand through multiple channels at the same time, it is expected that everyone talks about your company to have the same background theme. For example, if I complain about a plane on Twitter, I want the representative know that I want to know the route and history of this interaction through various channels.

In short, the customer has the social relationship, and must earn their trust.
What is Social CRM?
Social CRM is "... designed to engage the client in a collaborative conversation in order to provide mutually beneficial value in a reliable and transparent business. It is the response of the company owning the customers relationship. "

Another great definition: "Social CRM tools and processes that foster better interaction with customers more effectively and leverage the collective intelligence of the wider customer community with the expected result of increasing intimacy between an organization and its prospects and customers. the goal is to make the customer relationship more intimate and connected to the company by creating a public ecosystem to better understand what they want and how they interact with the contact points of several companies, including sales, service customer, etc ... "

At the end of the day, it does not really matter what you call Social CRM or how to define it, as long as you understand it and know how to apply to your organization. It's all about execution. In, for example, we developed a framework that addresses the process of end to end Social CRM:
Listen to conversations with customers
Analyze the conversations
Relate this information to existing information in your company
Law of conversations with clients
Complete diagram refers to:
As mentioned above, does not necessarily agree that the social CRM is the best name for this type of process because CRM typically has one-way conversations with customers, with a disproportionate focus on technology. The CRM name means "managing customer relationships," which is a misnomer because the company no longer controls or manages the relationship - the customer does.

In one of my favorite quotes on Social CRM, Mitch Lieberman says that "Social CRM is about bringing the" I "[the social client] in the ecosystem ... is not technology, it is people, processes and cultural changes necessary to support and grow a business. "This is a very important concept to understand in order to avoid descending into a case of" paralysis by analysis. " We all have a tendency to complicate things, and while SCRM is an important concept to a lot of planning and technical knowledge to do well, is really very simple in its essence. Companies that successfully implement CRM in the social process share the following characteristics:

- The social contract must be for the entire company. To achieve this goal, we need to "socialize" the organization. The larger and more entrenched in your organization is in the traditional ways of handling customer interactions (inbound or outbound), the harder the task will be.

How to socialize your organization? Through proper training, alignment of goals (the ultimate question of "what's in it for me?"), And the leadership and mentoring. Vendors in your organization need to understand that a brand is not what their customers say it is - now they say it is. Make sure the sellers know how to use Twitter to build relationships without spam on their networks. Train customer service for help and product teams to gather and act on feedback.

In general, the more difficult task of "socialization" is to convey the idea that the more the brand abandons his desire to control the message, be able to give more collaboratively with its customers. This is where a director of Social Media Manager / becomes a crucial hire, because it will guide the entire organization.
- To provide a true 'mutually beneficial value in a reliable and transparent business "by Paul Greenberg, the organization must be irrevocably oriented towards transparency and customer service. Why are companies like Virgin Airlines is so successful, while the attempts of others to help Twitter resemble a "me too" strategy? Due to transparency, taking risks, and provide a "no-matter-what-you-have" type of service are part of their corporate DNA.

If you do not have the courage to really commit to transparency and service, and if not empower your people to act on behalf of the company (which will inevitably lead to some unintentional errors), do not get very far. You must accept experimentation, take intelligent risks, and "fast."
- I can not stress enough the importance of putting the right processes in place to really listen and participate. Due to the large number of social media conversations is amazing, you need a plan of classification, prioritization, and activate the right people in the organization to participate properly. After socializing the organization, take the time to find out who the right internal resources are at least in these areas of the organization: Customer service, public relations, marketing, sales and product reviews.

Develop a process by which a message is routed from the mass media, one of the above groups and adequate resources to enable an immediate response. There must be a strong component of crowdsourcing, which allow customers to provide direct information on products, and the organization to ensure that comments can be heard and acted upon (UserVoice is an excellent platform for this).

Social networking customers can go to Twitter with a question, a user forum with a customer query, Facebook, with a compliment or a complaint Help. Establishing processes largely determine their ability to respond quickly and with relevant information, while joining all these interactions in a customer record.
At the end of the day, you should ask if the above steps will help enrich the bidirectional relationship between customer and business social social.
Use the right tools
  Even though Social CRM is primarily about people and processes, you need the right tools to help achieve the following objectives:

A 360 degree view of the client must include not only the relevant interactions between your company and the customer through the systems where they originated, but also the internal data of their own CRM system. These data should be rich and practical, the system must also keep all of these interactions as part of the customer record. This is a victory for the customer because you get a customized experience and never have to tell her story to three different representatives, and a victory for the company that now becomes more efficient.
The possibility for everyone to participate and be in alignment: social media is not a silo, and not a department of your property. There should be a process in place whereby each message is automatically routed to the appropriate person, classification by type (question, complaint or a compliment), content (what he actually said), the feeling, the necessary actions and the influence. This helps automate the selection process, which until now has been mostly manual.

Sophisticated workflow will ensure that the information created by the vision of 360 degrees from the client is accessible to everyone in the organization the same way, creating a context of each interaction and allows rich relationship, intimate relationship with the client social . Each person involved with the client registry receives a set of priority tasks and reminders. The opportunity to participate from the application creates a virtual paper trail of the conversation.

Are you ready for the commitment of the whole company? Does your company have a BUSINESS SOCIAL CRM for monitoring and rapid response to their social network users?
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