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Having Mentevisual Mobile App as your partner allows companies to:
Web Application Development and Application Mobiles - Blackberry - Android - Iphone - Tablets - Smartphones.
To accelerate its entry into the mobile market.
Better understanding of the preferences and interests of consumers.
Provide useful promotions to customers.
Improve engagement and customer loyalty-developing PPPs Gaming for branding.
Attract new customers.
Increase the number of transactions.
Promote awareness of brands.
Mentevisual Mobile App is a community platform for technology companies. Our trade fed mobile technology companies focusing on the growing market of today and enabled mobile phone users over the Internet available in all continents.

Our platform is designed from a database, logically creative process that allows flexibility for various brands and industries. Designed to provide all mobile business process, faster and more effectively from the management of customer relations and billing, to marketing and promotion.
The range of programming interfaces (MAM) of Mentevisual Mobile App continuously integrates systems and third party databases, providing running processes even faster and more efficient with mobile technology.
The platform for companies of Mentevisual Mobile App was conceived from an extremely redundant infrastructure, resulting in exceptional system stability. Data was created to protect, preserve and develop constant updates on the APP process.
Mentevisual Mobile App can handle a huge volume of data. We have the ability to process millions of data buses per day, even programs with tight deadlines and critical objectives.
Performance - ROI
Mobile solutions that operate from Mentevisual Mobile App platforms allows a rapid return on investment. The investment of our clients in setting up platforms and initiatives to market quickly offset by additional rental income, improved productivity and a larger effective.
Reports and Statistics
Mentevisual Mobile App provides detailed and analytical reports. Customers can see current time-in-the impact of their mobile initiatives.
With? Mentevisual Mobile App your company will achieve:
Independently measure all advertising and marketing campaign to maximize their return on investment.
Calibrate mobile visitors by source, for your network and connection.
Analyze your applications - from advertising campaigns to use within applications.
View current time accurate data to respond faster.
Filter with power for a more precise segmentation and create national and regional campaigns, focusing on the user level.
Export reports and integrate data into their own work tools for a comprehensive service network programming interfaces (MAM).
Our work team in will provide your company with the following support:
A designated account manager within a team of experts for your company that will provide support for all mobile payment solution for analytical data, queries etc.
The highest level of technical support with fast response time.
Stats 24 / 7
Weekly evaluations by our experts.
Access to technology plans and programs beta to see new services and features before they are released.
Our promise of service-level guarantees the provision of our service, profitability, scalability, reliability and security.
Packages tailored advice to ensure optimal integration.
Long-form contracts available to meet the demands of your business.
Call us now 0997686930 or click here to send an email and one of our representatives will contact you immediately.
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January 22th/ 2015
Facebook Closes in on 1 Billion Mobile Users Worldwide
Nearly three-quarters of Facebook's ad revenues will come from mobile this year
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January 22th/ 2015
Holiday Ecommerce Sales Topped $100 Billion
Cyber Monday still owns holiday desktop sales
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January 22th/ 2015
Colombia Set to Reach 28.6 Million Internet Users in 2015
There will be 31.3 million web users in 2018
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January 22th/ 2015
Charlie Hebdo: 'Islamist cyber attacks' hit France
Numerous French media websites have gone down a day after warnings of a wave of Islamist cyber attacks.
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